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Towanda Sports Center – Recap 2021

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Towanda Sports Center – Recap 2021

The dust is settling and we are all back into our “winter” routines after camp. Now is the perfect time to take stock of the summer that was in 2021.
And what a summer! To say it was tremendous on all aspects of camp life is an understatement. We all needed it – campers, staff and families. And we all made it happen. 
There’s so much positivity, it does not fit in this article….I could write a book!! However, I will try to sum it up succinctly. 
The “new normal” that the pandemic served us was always going to be tricky. Nevertheless, I was convinced months before camp that within our happy and dynamic bubble, we could enjoy our sports as much as, if not more than ever. And that’s exactly what happened. 
It was a given that day-to-day we would do what we always do, providing good, safe, fun instruction and teaching our children the best our staff can offer. 
And then there was our NCAA College League!! Four teams, randomly assembled, playing as much as they wanted within the spirit of friendly competition. In many, many different activities, and not just sports. The teams were given conference names: Big10, Pac12, ACC, Big 12. It gave many of our campers the chance to enquire and find out what these stand for, and who better than our staff to enrich them with knowledge…
Activities were in full flow, the energy bringing the fields and courts to life and kids playing, giving everyone the opportunity (the encouragement, not the obligation) to enjoy them. Friendships flourished, a lot was achieved. Any weather issues were quickly overcome as we shuffled the pack to keep our kids active, healthy and happy.

On a daily basis, there were scores, updates and standings that kids and staff ran to look at.

It was a sportsmanship-based league, where emotional intelligence was cultivated as much as possible. Scores were not the be-all and end-all. It rewarded random acts of kindness, as well as good play, individual and team. It started as soon as the bubble was established, it took a break for Olympics, it concluded right at the end of camp, with Big10 winning a very close race (for the record). They lifted the League Cup, and all applauded them.
The League, and the Cup are here to stay. It is now a big part of camp and will continue, by very popular demand. No doubt it will develop more, like everything in life, and long may it continue, with all its benefits. 
And now that camp is quiet, we know that life will flow and June 2022 – Towanda 100 – will come and an even better summer will happen. 
On behalf of all the wonderful staff in our Athletic Department, we would like to wish everyone a good school year, health, contentment, and I know that even better times are ahead. Come what may, we will be gearing up for next June and we WILL provide more great sports.
This is Coach Lee, signing off, with Towanda Sports Center (da-na-na, da-na-na).

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