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Summer Come Louder

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Summer Come Louder

Oh man, do we miss camp, like never before! That could be the understatement of the century! The good news is: Camp Towanda will be back in action and open this coming summer; we promise!!!

After the toughest and most difficult decision ever to pause camp and miss the summer of 2020; we are very confident that we will be properly prepared, creatively ready and logistically coordinated to have a very safe, healthy, comfortable, happy and most amazing summer “EEE-VEE- EEE—ARE”; that’s “EVER”!!!!

You don’t have to be Summa Cum Laude (get my pun from the title of this article!?) to know that Towanda is now, more than ever, the place to be!  Stephanie and I sense that we are all a bit more humble, thankful and appreciative of the simpler things; like the smell of camp, the sounds of camp and the just being at camp and even though we will have an incredible program, just being at camp, we think, would be all we need and would take it! But nooooo…..

We are talking special events, surprise routine-busting activities, creative programs, awe-inspiring participation and so much more your Towanda staff is working on right now! Don’t you fret, there will be NO PLACE like camp this coming summer……safe, comfortable, hassle free and maybe just maybe, even the campers will love to be off of Zoom and free to frolic, play and exhale, with so much ROOM (we are on over 400 acres)!!! I think we will be BUBBLE-ISOUS!!!

So, stay healthy, be safe, be smart and get ready to put ZOOM aside and be part of the Camp Towanda Family of 2021!!! Best Fun under the SUN….wait, Stephanie just came up with the motto: We will have fun together as ONE, under the SUN, in ‘21”!

Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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