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Reunion Recap – 2020

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Reunion Recap – 2020

(Editor’s Note: Please note that this particular reunion was designed for seasoned campers, so if you are new for 2021, you didn’t miss anything; we got you covered!)

Virtually, this was the best reunion we ever had! Just about 300 in attendance and no mess to clean up afterwards!!

It was a much needed, longed for, highly anticipated and hopefully a little different than the now routine at-home school and work Zooms! 

Last Saturday, November 21, which would have been our annual November reunion; our Leadership Team came together and planned, produced and created what was like a live TV production!! There were over 40 of us involved behind the scenes…from counselors, Group Leaders, Specialists, alumni, Head Counselors, Camp Moms and my apologies to whomever I may be omitting. It was all very cool!

Special shout out to Erica Media and Communication Director, Lauren-Eckstein Forman, who were by my virtual side as Stephanie, Jared, Brandon (all remote) helped produce this Reunion Event!! 

We had bowling, arcades, billiards, ping-pong, pizza, sleepover coordination and ……oops, no, that was a dream!!! So “pre-pandemic” (formerly, old school)!!

What we did have was the magic of Towanda…that vibe, that feeling of loving the comfort and connection of happiness that happens when we come together. Although distant, it felt like we were together! Zoom, golly, golly!!!

Stephanie and I had a few announcements, The Dorm & Club presented their reunion shirt designs, Erica Media produced an incredible 2020 Highlight Reel of Friday Nite Flix (if you missed it, click on THIS FNF LINK),  we had 10 Breakout Rooms to give the campers a chance to connect with their group mates (of course, that had some technical challenges as we discovered a lot of the home Zoom programs prevent unauthorized breakout rooms; but because this is camp, we wall went with the flow!); and as we concluded the hour long reunion, we announced that everyone should expect some gifts in the mail from camp later in December!

Congratulations to The Dorm as they received more than 65% of the vote; sorry, Club, loved your design, too…but no re-counts here!!

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