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College Connection Recap

A side benefit of camp that many do not first realize when they start young is that Towanda plays a big part in the influence and impact on one’s life;  from friendships to the foundation of who one becomes…and one big influence and connection is helping select the right college.

Born out of the pandemic and resurrected from a pre-computer era of networking, we had a very successful COLLEGE CONNECTION WEBINAR… featuring our former campers, current staff and some alumni presenting their decision making process of how and why they selected their alma mater and what their campus life is like. Since college tours are a no-no this year, this was terrific, helpful and so good!! If you are looking for Towanda College Connections, Click here for more info!

All involved found this very worthwhile and helpful; we were all very proud. A special shout out to premier College Consultant and Alumni from Dorm 1992, Mara Patti, who moderated and made this a huge success! Click here to connect with Mara!

For those that missed it, a BEYOND THE BUGLE PODCAST version of the webinar will be premiering soon (we will let you know) and we are hosting another episode on December 2nd, featuring DUKE UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, PENN STATE, SUNY BINGHAMTON AND UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA! Details will be emailed!

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