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College Connections

We are putting together a Camp Towanda College Connection webpage! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most colleges and universities are not conducting in-person tours. And that’s where the magic of our vast Towanda network, and YOU, comes in! The College Connection page is a place where campers can connect with Towanda-ers currently attending college or who graduated from schools they are interested in. The webpage will include:

• A list of Towanda-ers who attended or are attending a wide range of colleges and universitiesA list of Towanda-ers who attended or are attending a wide range of colleges and universities.

• Videos created by people like you, showcasing what makes your school special, your thoughts, perspectives, advice, a little tour…anything you think your younger self would have wanted to hear! These can be from your dorm room or office, or a little walking tour of campus. If you have a Towanda friend with you at school…do it together!

• Informative Virtual Webinars featuring a panel of Towanda Alumni, representing a range of schools. These will be moderated by a Towanda Alum who is also a college advisor. 

Please let us know if you would be willing to participate in any of the following by completing this survey and we will follow up with more details!

And while we have your attention… 

  • And of course, if you are available to return to camp this summer, we would love to have you!  Give us a status update, we love hearing from you, even if you can’t come!  
  • Please also refer qualified counselors, nurses, senior staff positions and campers!

We thank you in advance and our Towanda parents and campers thank you in advance!!!

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