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Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – 2020

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Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – 2020

Our annual Pumpkin Carvin’ Contest is officially underway!

This is a good excuse to do something that doesn’t involve a screen! 

Although, if you can’t find a real pumpkin or just want to practice your design online…check out these virtual pumpkin carvin’ links!

Post your #TowandaPumpkin and email by 9pm EDT on Oct. 30th, for your chance to win a Towanda Pumpkin Logo Award and your name on the Pumpkin Plaque in The Canteen! Voting by Google Survey will take place on Halloween!

The Grand Prize
$250 Camp Store Credit will be awarded for each category: Camper, Staff and Alumni! 

Get carvin’!

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