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ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)…below are all the Virtual Camp Towanda activities! We will be updating weekly.

In addition to this running summary, be sure to look for the weekly VCT schedule in The Towanda Times….for this week’s schedule CLICK HERE

Virtual Camp Towanda is Sponsored by The Dorm Girls (Maniac Monday), the Club Boys 2020, Kit-Kat and Towanda Purell!!!

Check out this important message from the Dorm Girls 2020!

The Senior Staff, and some campers, competed in a very impressive Virtual Apache Relay! Check it out here!

The Senior Girls put together this great TikTok based video to remind us we’re all in this together! Watch it here!

Be sure to check out first two episode ever of Virtual Camp FNF!
VC Friday Nite Flix – ep. 1
VC Friday Nite Flix – ep. 2

Be sure to send in video clips, participate in challenges and activities and share video message to see yourself in the next episode of Virtual Camp FNF!


Wash Your Hands with the Peltons! Sing along
Print the poster

Zumba with DJ


Be a Roaming Reporter!

Bob’s Trivia – Round One
Bob’s Trivia – Round Two

Jackie and Fallon’s Handshake Challenge

Zumba with DJ – Ep. 1
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 2
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 3
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 4
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 5
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 6
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 7
Zumba with DJ – Ep. 8

Zumba with Mikey

Soccer with Coach Lee – Ep. 1
Soccer with Coach Lee – Ep. 2

Rainy Day Activity- BINGO

Stephanie’s Garden Tips Ep. 1
Stephanie’s Garden Tips- Ep. 2

Fine Arts with Stephanie

Tennis with Dani

Tennis with Dani – Ep. 1
Tennis with Dani – Ep. 2


Towanda Culinary Class with Chef Carl
Towanda Culinary Cookbook

Ask your Alexa to play “American Pie” at 12:40PM; sing the chorus and send the clip to!


“Ten for Two” song by counselors Ollie Hillier & Jessie Gropper and Senior Boy Sloppy!
Camp Coloring Map and Activity Flyer


Playing with Yogi
Lego Challenge
Towanda ZOOMS Highlights around the world!


Jared and Rachel’s Wedding!

CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 1   (with Marshmellows)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 2   (with fireplace roaring)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 3   (with Hank Azaria & Steve Max)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 4 (with Brad the Hypnotist)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 5 (with Matthew Furman & Thompson and the Chickens)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 6 (with a Message from the Senior Girls and Towanda News)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 7 (with Travis, Molly, Jared, Brandon and FNF!)
CT Virtual Campfire – ep. 8 (with the Senior Staff)

Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Friday Night Services “Thou Shalt Rest” Song by Elissa Altman
Dutch Auction
Girls Sing Watch Party
Towanda Talent Show

Run out of things to talk about yet?! We have posted great instructions and questions by Andrew Rowan on and the Towanda Times! Interview yourself, your siblings, camp friends and/or parents! Send in your audio clips to to be included in the latest episode of our Beyond the Bugle PODCAST!

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