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Welcome to Camp! 2020

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Welcome to Camp! 2020

New Camper Group Scoop is a great annual tradition. The incoming Dorm Girls and Club Boys helped welcome our new campers for 2020 and they did a great job! They were once new too and remember the nerves at Group Scoop. Their insight into the great summer to come was a great comfort to the first year campers! After all, you are only new for about 5 minutes! We played games, learned more about camp, ate ice cream and had a great time! Thanks to the Senior Staff who were able to help out. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to what will CLEARLY be the best summer in 2020! A special welcome to our 2nd and 3rd generation campers!

We are very excited to welcome the following new campers to our Camp Towanda Family! These silly, just-for-fun nicknames are temporary…until you arrive at camp, where you will probably get a new one!

Zander “z-bram” Abramson, Nathan “achoo” Altschul (sister is Abby), Isabel “z-bell” Berman (sister is Sari), Addie “de bean” Bienstock, Brooke “b-bin” Binstock, AJ “blau” Blau (brother is Charlie), Gavin “G burk” & Reid “R burk” Burkhardt (sister is Georgia, brother is Levi), Darcy “DC” Connor, Noa “no ahhhh” Coren (sister is Zoe), Blake “BD” Dichter (2nd generation: dad is Danny Dichter), Eva “E-K-Z” Ehrenkranz, Ellie “zen-berg” Eisenberg, Rachel “N-T” Entin (brothers are Joseph & Max), Noa “grill” Grill (sister is Talia), Emma “busy bee” Handwerker, Sydney “last herman” Herman (brother is Jonah, sister is Zoe), Addison “addeee” Himelstein (2nd generation; mom is Lauren Miller, brother is Jett), Aaron “hubs” Hubschman (sister is Lily), Ashley “kessie” Kessler, Serena “SK” Klein (brother is Jonah), Matviy “mat-kov” Kovalchuk (sister is Polina), Ben “KD” Kurti-Dini (brother is Jack), Logan “lax” Lax (brother is Dylan), Hallie “hal-lew” Lewis (sister is Abby), Jakob “j-livin” Livingston (sister is Sophie), Whitney “whit-girl” Mann (sister is Madelyn), Leah “rino” Marino, Charlie “c-marsh” Marsh, Sadie “melz” Melniker (brother is Jake), Ethan “e-nab” Nabi, Zack “z-nab” Nabi, Avery “peltzy” Peltz (2nd generation; mom is Erica (Schaeffer) Peltz), Camryn “cruisin” Prussin (3rd generation; dad is Jarret Prussin, Grandma is Sharon Rudolph), Zoe “zee-ree” Rechtweg, Jason “j-bard” Rotbard, Raven “Pop” Secol, Mallory “malz” Silverstein (sister is Jordanna), Mila “milz” Simon, Emma “mz-berg” Somberg, Grant Somberg (2nd generation, brother is Hunter, sister is Rory, mom is Jillian Denberg), Ashton “telly” Tell, Annabelle “Annie” & Oliver “ollie” Valsan, Easton “east” & Ivy “west” & Parker “south” Vander Meer (2nd generation; mom is Erica (Stott) Vander Meer), Isaac “volfy” Volfson (sister is Lucy), and Oliver “o-wee” Widensky

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