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Some of Whats New For You in 2020

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Some of Whats New For You in 2020

As the countdown gets closer and closer to the Summer of 2020, its time to elevate the excitement level even higher! Even if there was nothing new, camp would be awesome! However, as in the previous years, there are always new things in the works while everyone is at their winter home.

Here are just some of the NEW FOR 2020 things to look forward to:


Mini Golf during construction in November

Jared has designed and Mike The Plumber and his crew are building an incredible Mini-Golf course out by the entrance to our golf driving range. This is a major project and is beyond exciting! Jared likes to call it “Mini-Camp, Mini-Golf”! What that means is that the course layout will be based on camp and as one walks the course. For instance, starting at Hole#1, which is walking on Niles Pond Road, Hole#2, White Rock, Main Tennis courts, Hole #3 is the Waterfront, Hole #4 is O&A, Zip Line and Treehouses and so on and son on…..   

Dependent upon Mother Nature (as I write this snow covers camp), will determine if this is a 1 or 2 year project! At the very least, we can look forward to most of the holes being playable as a regular miniature golf course this summer and the finer details finishing up for 2021.
In addition, we have rebuilt the driving range platforms, added a Hole-In-One flag and it will all look very awesome!!


By popular Olympic demand, we have added basketball hoops in the Gully Hockey Arena (aka Gully Hoops); this will certainly add some excitement and calmness to The Great Apache Relay (so that the scenery teams can continue working in The Field House without interruption)!! We have also added lights over The Gully Grandstand.


Speaking of The Field House; we had to do so unexpected major floor work over the winter as a family of beavers or other underground dwellers decided to tunnel under our floor and create their own world. We kindly and sensitively relocated them (closer to Cayuga)! Interestingly enough, during the excavation, we found an impressive display of Kit-Kat wrappers!

End result- a newly paved spectator section and anti-animal underground fencing! Once we test it for a year, we will redo the upper surface!


The Main Baseball Field will have new Dugouts while the Skyview Field will have a new Backstop, fencing and dugouts!


We have added 2 more of those Ultra-Cool water fountains; One outside G-78 and the other by The Boathouse (which will also have an ice machine). These complement The Canteen, Boys’ HC and Girls’ HC fountains. We have relocated the Gymnastics fountain inside. The other fountains will all remain in their places as well…and we will continue to upgrade them annually.


Mike The Plumber (aka MTP) is continuing our ongoing bathroom remodeling project; this summer we have The INPOST and B-12 remodeled.


Bunks B-5, B-6, B-8, B-9 and Triple all have new porches; plus every porch will have new Porch Bin “anti-slam” lids (thanks Camp Moms for that request) and Bunks G-6 and G-78 have new windows.


Camp Towanda is now a TESLA Destination Charging by Reservation location. We have 4 stations for any invited visitors that may need to use. We are able to accommodate electrical service for other makes and models (by advance notice) as well. To utilize our charging stations, we must be notified in advance.


Our gaggle/herd of chickens and guinea hens have a new winter coop setup; Although you will not see it during the summer; the joining of our 2 coops with a winter bridge/tunnel provides a nice comfortable off-season residence for our feathered friends….and apparently we have 2 roosters!


Our Senior Staff will be happy to know that we have remodeled The Domino House and Chateau rooms while we are also in the process of starting a multiple-phase new Senior Staff housing village in the outskirts of Yankee Stadium (on some of the adjacent land we acquired last year). Dependent upon building permits and weather, we expect to have 2 units ready this summer. These, of course, will also be wonderful amenities to the private corporate retreats and parties we host during our post season.


Our staff asked, we listened and we are installing personal cell lockers for our staff; Of course, just to accessed during authorized nights and days off! We also will have new coin-op laundry machines for off-duty staff.


New split rail fences by Main Baseball and The new Golf range and mini-golf.


We promise, more option periods! The new Culinary wood brick oven will be in use, as Chef Carl has some great menus lined up for it! Nature Nathaniel is back; Alumni Josh Sauer is doing an A Capella workshop and Alumni Hank Azaria is offering a Stand-Up Improv Workshop; plus all the Ghost, Ga-Ga and every other activity you can handle!!


There is a lot more to look forward to; from a new solar cover for the pool, some other minor bunk repairs and remodeling, another new lake inflatable, more free play games near chess, telescope, a muddier course over by “2-Week” (somewhere else called Fortnite); and much more!!

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