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Mansion Porch – Winter 2020

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Winter 2020

Future Campers – Congrats to everyone who has welcomed a future camper recently! Here is a list of those who we’ve heard from!

  • Congrats to Steph Fox on the birth of baby boy Derek.
  • Chelsea Roth Sirkman welcomed a baby boy named Sawyer.
  • Sean Smith (2010-2014 Soccer) welcomed baby boy Banks.
  • Alex Neff welcomed baby girl Arielle
  • Beth Lee-Harris and Easton Harris (who met at camp in 2007) welcomed a baby boy named Jude
  • Amanda Haggerty (Peyser) welcomed a daughter, Liv
  • Sam (Orringer) Kennedy had a baby boy named August (see pic)
  • Angie Schutt welcomed a girl, Everleigh
  • Andy Miller welcomed a boy, Evan… that makes Bob a grandpa!

Wedding bliss – Shout out to these recent Towanda related nuptials!
Freddie Firth got married in October with Amberly, DJ and other Towanda people present!
Amanda Ryman got married.
Dana Kisberg also got married.
Ben Newman got married
Charlotte Kealey got married and made a special trip to visit camp on her honeymoon!

Jared Reiter is getting married this May!

Margo Fleishman and Brett Spivack got engaged!

Several current and former staff were able to meet up and help recruit new staff for 2020 at different job fairs around the world! (see pics) Towanda run-ins have been happening all over the world including Florida and Australia (see pics). Ben Grey says “I guess you were right Towanda does bring people together. Even if it’s on the other side of the globe in Australia.”

Logo spotting with Lynn Brodsky in Florida where apparently it does rain. (see pic) Heather Meisner observed Rachel Heimler in her classroom! (see pic) Norm Levy thinks of Towanda on February 3rd, the “day the music died” and inspiration for the camp famous song American Pie. Click here to learn more! John Doyle sent in this great picture of counselors from 1980! He hopes to see lots of former counselors at Alumni day 2020 to celebrate 40 years since 1980! (see pic)

Judge Neil Ross discovered that YAD DRAWKCAB LANOITAN (National Backwards Day) is actually January 31! Who knew! Here are a few of the official ways to celebrate! We’ll have to remember (or forget?) these great ideas for camp’s YAD DRAWKCAB

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBackwardDay

  • Go out the back door
  • Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
  • Add coffee to your milk.
  • Add ice cream to your chocolate.
  • Say, “Goodbye,” instead of “Hello,” when answering the phone.
  • Wear your sweatshirt backward.
  • Write your name backward.
  • Write an entire sentence backward.
  • Run the bases in baseball backward.
  • Watch a movie backward.
  • Read a book starting with the last page.

Be sure to keep us up to date! We love hearing from alumni, campers and staff!

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