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130 Days and Counting…

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130 Days and Counting…

It is so exciting to prepare for our upcoming summer! Since camp ended last summer, the vibe has been really amazing. We see and hear from so many campers, staff, parents, friends and alumni of our amazing Camp Towanda family! Wherever we go, we run into someone who is connected to camp. Be it in New York City on Broadway, at a bar-mitzvah, wedding or staff recruiting trip in America or around the globe, Towanda-ers are everywhere; we are talking GLOBAL!

We have had great run-ons at Whole Foods in New Jersey, the streets of NYC, Delray Beach and many airport terminals. The alumni come out to meet and greet us on our staff recruiting trips, be it in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, England, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic and/or Jamaica! A big shout out to all that helped (separate recap article of those trips coming soon).

That extension of acceptance, excitement, camaraderie and appreciation is what our Camp Towanda Family is all about! So, if you are a veteran, alumni, returner or about to have your first summer at Camp Towanda, get ready for the best experience with wonderful support and non-stop excitement!

The campers are set, the program is planned (lots of great activities, games, sports, options, and some surprises, too), the staff is shaping up (we will talk about in a later issue of The Towanda Times)

Get Ready! Get Psyched!

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Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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