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Staff Shout Out 2019

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Staff Shout Out 2019

For those of us part of The WOC (Winter Office Crew), we just recently settled back into the winter office, which has given us the opportunity to finally reflect on last summer. Our overall feeling was that it was great, arguably “The Best Summer Ever”!!  But, why?

It is because of everyone! That is what makes camp indescribably special and unique. We are a family, we are a community! We are constantly growing, learning, supporting, thriving to make a positive impact on each other.

Between the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the smiles and the tears,  the stong efforts and relaxing laughter and everything else…and you….that’s what makes camp!

The campers are awesome, the program exciting and the staff, incredible! Our camp would not have the results that it was without the staff; whether one is a first-timer, a former camper or a multi-year veteran; our staff made it all happen! You know who you are and you are appreciated, We bet you got more out of the summer than you expected; we bet camp ended up impacting you more than you expected and we hope you can return!

The connections and friendships that extend throughout the United States and around the world, will become everlasting to our campers, staff and will impact future generations of Towanda-ers! We thank you all.

If you haven’t already, make sure you let us know if you will be returning for the summer of 2020! CLEARLY we want to see you there! And don’t forget referrals are a great way to improve our staff and make some extra dough! Click here for a great Referral Tool Kit!

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