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Breakout 2019!

Breakout 2019!

It was just another typical day at Camp Towanda….or was it? Olympic fever was hot, with breakout lurking behind every announcement, hidden in the spooky shadows of the tall pine and birch trees, in between dimensions, caught in another time. And yet, the regular crowd shuffled into the Field House for a seemingly normal evening activity…an impromptu staff talent show…because the original one the night before after the staff meeting was too good and the campers just had to see it …if only they could travel back in time! 

The attention is on Mitch, center stage, announcing the start of the evening activity when all of a sudden, a ghost burst out of the White Rock Cafe. The Marshmallow Man and Slimer storm the back rows as a flying ghost zips over the crowd as Is There Anybody Out There blasted throughout the Field House.

But… have no fear, because just about then, the large “zamboni” doors at the rear of The Field House opened wide to reveal the ECTO-1 GHOSTBUSTERS mobile with sirens blaring as the Ghostbusters theme song blasted to a very high energy level!

The crowd couldn’t believe it, it was astounding! The Ghostbuster mobile drove through the crowd onto the basketball court through the Field House to the front of the stage. The Ghostbusters jumped out and made their way onto the stage where the flying ghost was hovering. 

The Ghost escapes high up into the rafters and the team aims their proton blasters at it when all of a sudden DR. WHO’s interdimensional time traveling police call box (aka TARDIS) appears, hovers and then slowly lands on stage as the Olympic banners come out from the TARDIS’s hidden depths. 

Head Judgie Bob Miller is on stage and announces the teams as the Red Time Travellers vs the Blue Ghostbusters! Everyone is going crazy…Olympics is finally here and wow that was cool!  

But then,  all of a sudden, there is a loud explosion as the fabric of space and time is ripped open and the DeLorean zips into the fieldhouse to the very loud sounds of the theme song from (Shout out to Huey Lewis & The News) Back to the Future. 

Doc Brown and Marty McFly get out of the DeLorean and run on to the stage eager to get Bob’s attention. Marty grabs the mic and says that they just came back from the future and the teams are supposed to be the Blue Time Travelers vs the Red Ghostbusters …the future depends on it! He then hands Bob the real olympic booklet in the same bag that the infamous sports almanac came with  (shout out to Biff) and the real banners come out! Thankfully the space-time continuum has been restored and THIS IS IT! OLYMPICS 2019!  

The teams competed in excellent fashion for the 5 days of Olympics, culminating all they learned and experienced at camp during the summer.  Great games were played and great sportsmanship demonstrated. Campers gave it their all and counselors and team leaders set the example. Add to that , the staff with artistic talent, handy skills and those that were just eager to help out transformed the Field House into an epic display of the themes! Some say it was the best Olympics ever!!

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