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Paid Internships!


We are excited to announce that beginning this summer, Andy Saperstein (aka ASAP) will be in charge of our LITs, CITs and Paid Interns. This is ASAP’s fifth summer at Camp Towanda (we have transitioned his role of Programming Director to another member of our staff so that he can take on this new role). In the “real world”, ASAP has been in education for over 20 years and is currently a High School guidance counselor, working with Juniors and Seniors as a college and career coordinator. During his spare time, he tutors all ages and subjects, including SAT/ACT prep courses.

ASAP will add some fresh energy, organization, accountability, continuity from year to year and mentorship to these groups and help us take our leadership program to the next level!

Although, summertime is often thought of as a time to decompress, enjoy life, connect with friends and have fun, it is also a time to grow.  For young adults, summer is an opportunity to grow professionally and prepare for your career. But how can you do this while you are working at camp?

Towanda goes beyond being your partners through Club and Dorm summer. As we have been there from your beginning days at Camp Towanda, we are here now to help provide you with avenues for opportunity while making it possible to not miss out on camp.

Besides all the great life skills you build as a counselor, did you know you can also get an official Internship at Camp Towanda?  Here’s what you need to know about interning at Camp Towanda and why it will be the best thing on your resume and for your career!

Towanda offers internship opportunities in many different fields. All aspects of our program are available for you to take advantage of and get real world experience! We work directly with school advisors and can tailor the  internship to meet school criteria for credit, or we can individualize an internship to meet your career goals. Our camp operation is a full-fledged business, in and of itself, and we can offer you many different career-building opportunities.

Summing up, This is the REAL DEAL!  Valuable hands on mentoring!

    1. You get paid (plus free room and board!)!  So many internships these days are unpaid and don’t even give you the experience you signed up for.
    1. You get to make a real difference in children’s’ lives and join in on the spirit and traditions of camp, while learning real-world, career-building skills….things like leadership, public speaking, responsibility and accountability…and that’s just your job as a counselor! When you Intern at Camp Towanda, you will also get REAL, HANDS-ON, CAREER-BUILDING experience.  We have plenty of opportunity to go around and we genuinely care about nurturing your success and future.
    1. You will have the power of the Towanda community behind you, helping you learn and grow not only this summer, but beyond it as well.  With Mentors that truly care about you, and amazing Networking opportunities in a wide range of fields, Camp Towanda wants to help you create an internship experience that can be as transformative as your first summer at Camp.
  1. Plus, you have a lifetime ahead of you to spend in an office, take advantage of all that Camp has to offer you and contact Matt today to start working on a real internship experience that works for you!

All our internships are individually designed to give you the experience you want,
and need on your resume. For more information contact

Check out our blog entry here on How to Make Camp Counselor the Best Thing on Your Resume.

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