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We want Olympics!

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We want Olympics!

by Jake Saperstein – Middies B8
“Is there anybody out there?” When campers and counselors hear this, they go crazy at Camp Towanda. At Camp, they have fake outs and breakouts. Fakeouts are the fake breaks of Olympics. The fake outs are done by the Club, the oldest camper group at camp. This year the Club faked us out three times. The first time it was during Casino night. The lights went out and Captain America and Iron Man appeared in an epic battle. Then after Friday Nite Flix there was a video with rappers and athletes and finally all of camp went running from the dining hall to main soccer to see the River Riders and Mountain Climbers. Some people came flying down the zip line and it was cool. Breakout is the real deal. The camp is then split up into two teams, Red vs Blue. For example, last years’ teams were the Red Rolling Stones and the Blue Beatles. Following Breakout, we have 5 days of serious Olympic activities. Olympics is one of my favorite things at camp. I can’t wait for Olympics to start!

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