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Brad the Hypnotists

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Brad the Hypnotists

Articles written by Sarah Eilenberg and Cooper Mandell

 No one knows how a guy named Brad managed to hypnotize some of the counselors! They did such funny things such as fall asleep on each other’s shoulders, lick imaginary ice cream off their shoes, and even speak a different language. No one knows how he does it, but it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. First he tested the whole audience to see who would be good at being hypnotized. We tried to pull our hand apart and could taste lemon without actually eating lemon! Once the main show started, the more we cheered, laughed and clapped, the funnier the show became! All the counselors did a great job! We were super entertained.
by Sarah Eilenberg – Debs G1/2     

“Sleep gun, PEW”. Each person’s head tilts on the others. “Sleep”, the word that brings everyone under hypnosis to their home position. Brad the Hypnotist will give a command. For example, when you see a balloon you will be in love with it like Ben Sherlock did or do Russian Ballet like Spider, or act like Brittany Spears like Maria Ruesta. He even made everyone believe their shoes were made of ice cream and they would lick them. It was a great show.
Cooper Mandell – Cadets B4

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