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After a great Visiting Day we were straight back into action the next day and although our intercamps have concluded for the summer, we have been very busy at home, and many, many games have been played!

We have delved deeper into our intra-camp divisional leagues, and all divisions have been busy in all sports. Each division has been evenly split into four groups, and the kids have come up with their own names for these groups. Names that we absolutely love….from the Cup-o-Noodles to the Kung Fu Pandas, and many, many more…it has been constant action. From girls’ flag football to boys’ European handball, to tennis and volleyball, the games have been many, once again giving the opportunity to every camper to receive instruction and play. The four teams play against each other once in a round robin and then we have playoffs, 1st against 4th and 2nd against 3rd before the championship game. 

Yes, it is possible for a team to go 0 and 3 and still end up winning the whole thing…it has happened!!! 

We look forward to continuing to run these intra camp leagues parallel with the intercamps when we come roaring back into the Wayne County league next summer. 

Additionally, we have had all-star games in soccer, baseball, basketball and flag football between Towanda teams, and once again, amazing games have occurred. We have even mixed it up a bit…the Middies vs. Junior Girls soccer game…a nail-biter which finished tied and had to be decided in a shootout, with the Middies edging it after 8 penalty kicks for each team…and wonderful scenes following, and then hugs all round as all involved thanked each other for another memorable occasion! The Tween Girls defeated the Cadet boys in another awesome game on the soccer pitch…and the National Girls and National Boys played an exciting mixed doubles tennis tournament!

We carry on, proud and strong, always trying to get the kids to play entertaining, attractive sports with a high energy level, while growing and learning at the same time. As a teacher, coach and camper parent myself, I could not be prouder of our sporting endeavors and passion to get kids playing properly and in great conditions here at Camp Towanda!

Keep it here for one more sports report on the other side of Olympics, and before we wrap it up for 2019.

This is Coach Lee with Towanda Sports Center(da na na, da na na!!) 

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