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Greetings to all and at the time of writing we are just a few short hours before we all get together on Visiting Day. We are always looking forward to getting the entire Towanda family together and hearing all the little stories and anecdotes, including so many on the sports field. Since our last article we have had our Jets and Debs sharing a playdate wit Tyler Hill, where the boys traveled, with the girls playing host. The Jets played wiffleball and gaga, while the Debs hosted kickball and gaga! It was amazing to watch the friendships with our opponents – moments like these make it even more worthwhile – when our opponents are people who love sports like we do, and where the sportsmanship flourishes.

Elsewhere, our National Boys basketball won their semifinal in double overtime in a high scoring 48-46 in a thrilling game at home against Tyler Hill that had the those of us watching on our toes – a great experience!! On top of that, the Club/LIT lacrosse team were the first team this summer to bring home a Wayne County Championship as they traveled to Trails End and won the final by an emphatic 22-2. The Junior Girls showed how they love playing all sports as they won invitational tournaments in soccer and basketball at Blue Ridge, and overall all the teams have been having lots of fun with many of them having advanced to finals, in pretty much all the age groups for both boys and girls.

As you probably know, we are in a temporary holding pattern with all intercamp games, hopefully resuming soon. Meanwhile, during this lull, we have created something that has been welcomed by all… running parallel with intercamp games….and it’s called Intra Camp Divisional Leagues!! The first games have been played (Middies soccer, National & Senior boys Volleyball) and much more is lined up. Each division has had a random 4-team split (all campers involved, giving everyone a chance to play)  and each group plays each other in round robins in each sport. After several rounds of games, there are playoffs and finals. Here’s to many great games now and in the future!!

See you all soon….!! This is Coach Lee with Towanda Sports Center(da-na-na, da-na-na)  

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