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Three weeks in, and we have had some awesome action! It would take a lot of pages to mention every detail, and there is a lot, so we’re going to pick out a few highlights. Overall, all the kids and coaches have been enjoying themselves immensely both at home and on the road. Some famous victories, some tough losses, but lots of great memories!!

In roller hockey, we have a program that has been truly revived by Coach Feldman….many boys and many girls are reaching for their roller blades!! And the pinnacle was our first victory in years…away from home I would like to add…as the National/Senior boys team came back from 1-4 down to win 5-4 at Trails End. At the time of writing, all our girls’ soccer teams have won through to the semifinals of the Wayne County league by playing fluid, attacking, quick touch soccer. Yet another comeback was our Tweens at home v Tyler Hill – 0-3 down at half time…and after a nice chat at the break, they scored 9 (nine) in the 2nd half to win 9-3.

We have our first Wayne County championships of the summer and they came in our boys swim team as we took first in the 7th grade 50 meters freestyle and 50 meters backstroke. All the boys involved are doing very well, and our girls swim team is limbering up for next week’s Wayne County meet. In flag football, the coaching staff report that all our teams are carrying out their plays really nicely, and our quarterbacks are connecting with our wide receivers a lot. 

Our Inter boys baseball have reached the Wayne County final after coming back to beat Equinunk in the last inning, being two runs down, with two outs and a full count…!! Even if they had lost that game, it would have been an experience that would have ultimately made the kids stronger. Our oldest boys have reached lacrosse, baseball and soccer finals…not to mention basketball. At the Tyler Hill Invitational they recorded some famous victories, including against the home team in front of a partisan home crowd!! Their defense really is rock solid.

As always, the message that the kids get from me, on behalf of Camp Towanda before taking the field/court etc is…”win or lose, we love you the same…now go, play hard, be good sports, listen to your coaches and enjoy it!!” 

So much more to write, but so little space left. Look out for the next installment soon…which will include the first of two Jets and Debs inter camp playdates!! Be well, everyone, and keep it here…not long til visiting day!!

This is Coach Lee with Towanda Sports Center (da-na-na.…..da-na-na…!!!) 

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