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Join us in congratulating Jared on his well-deserved promotion to Associate Director.

Jared has been instrumental in staff recruiting and camp improvement efforts this winter (along with Z and Matt Miller). Jared has really stepped up and grown a lot this year (also a newly engaged man—Congrats to Jared and Rachel)!) to help lead and get ready for a great summer. 

In his continued growth and gaining of experience, it is exciting for Jared and The WOC to be able to work alongside his brother, Brandon and help him re-join our camp family.

Brandon is now our Finance Manager. He is bringing some of his experience in the real world and in finance to our operation as well as his lifetime of Camp Towanda experience! He is working closely with our bookkeeping office and Meredith Cohen (camp parent and CPA) and our new Finance Intern.

Brandon like many of our staff, is a former Camper, Counselor, Group Leader, and General. We look forward to him being back at camp, as well as looking to him for guidance on perspectives of our staff and campers. 

Having our sons go the distance from being infants and toddlers at camp, through all the age groups and stages of staff is not only a source of pride and excitement, but also strengthens our long-term future!

-Mitch & Stephanie

Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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