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To Wanda, With Love!

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To Wanda, With Love!

First year jitters???

Depending on where you live, Spring could be in the air!!! If you are in Honesdale, depending on the hour, Spring could be in the air!! And that is all good, because pretty, pretty soon that will all morph into summer! When the air is filled with the sounds of summer; campers, counselors, activities, events, music, bugles, jokes, laughter, friends, healthy challenges, amazing experiences, awesomeNESS! 

Feeling nervous? Feeling like you know no one? Feeling like this might be a big mistake and you want to curl up and stay home all summer? Don’t know anyone? Not too confident in sports? Feeling pressure to be the best at everything? Will you miss home?

If by some chance you might answer YES to just one or more of those questions….well, my friend, let me tell you; you have come to the right place…we are here to help you grow, get out of you comfort zone, gain confidence, make new friends, laugh, be okay with who you are, enjoy stuff and fully understand why we all live 10 months for the 2 short ones at camp (hence the ten4two)!!!

To stay calm, to just relax is plain ol’ difficult; the countdown is getting lower (are you using a roll of toilet paper for your countdown?), the nametags are getting sewn in, the duffels are airing out, the forms are getting filled in, the logos are bright and shiny and Yogi the dog is growing!

Towanda, The Camp…your camp…your summer home…awaits your arrival!

Practice saying goodbye, practice laughing at Mitch’s Jokes, practice your hands-on-heads, practice smiling, saying hello and just overall being a great friend to everyone at camp!

Ten4two, the time is near… the time is coming… for YOU to be part of the 2019 CT Family!

Try a new activity, get over a fear, encourage a new friend, compliment someone for no reason other than to be nice, don’t litter (I thought I would throw that one in), be part of a show, evening activity or just be silly on stage!

Salute the flag, clap when to recognize other’s achievements, smile when on FNF, pet a chicken, throw a Frisbee, eat your vegetables, sit on The White Rock, help Stephanie in her garden, high five Coach Lee, Tyson or ASAP.

As I write this article, Mike The Plumber (MTP), along with Timmy (now married to Ania, our Food Service Director (FSD)), Chef Daron, Mike The Thompson (MTT, not to be confused with MTP) and Brittany Neff are part of the early Pre-Camp crew getting everything ready!

The Winter Office Crew (WOC) is getting ready to join them as they become the Summer Office Crew (SOC it to me)!

Camp Towanda is amazing, you will NOT believe that you almost didn’t come! To Wanda, with Love!

Rest up, get psyched, we will be here for you and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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