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PARENTS! This one is for you!


PARENTS! This one is for you!

We encourage you to read with your family all of The Towanda Times; full of great insight, creation of excitement and Towanda know-how!

For instance, because of our Muddah Mudder Course and the Not Fort Nite but Two Weeks Course and the Guinness record breaking color run to a Kit-Kat, we encourage you to pack and additional 2 white plain t-shirts (this is in addition to our regular packing list); these shirts will get stained and wrecked with mud, food coloring and some other concoction yet to be identified, all in the name of good camp fun!

Have you read the Camper Code of Conduct? It’s a new world and we love everyone being on the same page!

If you like, please email some baby pix of your camper (and staff reading this, please send your baby pix, too).

Things to think about: Speak to your camper about not putting their face in the face of our animals; no matter how cute they are. This is a good lesson for any animal or pet anywhere. Be it our chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits or even our oh so cute is he still a puppy, Yogi.

If you are still planning your Visiting Day weekend, Elvis Costello and Blondie are playing at nearby Bethel Woods (the old Woodstock site, celebrating 50 years this summer) on Saturday night of Visiting Day, July 20.

Practice saying goodbye at least 10 times prior to arrival day, it really works and helps make it less shocking! Try it today!!

Please play Peter Frampton, as Seniors-Dorm-Club and LITs will be seeing Frampton Come Aliveat Bethel Woods!  It always helps for the concert-goers to get used to the tunes in advance (plus I will be playing over the PA). Do you feel like I do?

When planning your lunch for the bus ride or what to bring on Visiting Day, please note, as suggested by the American Camp Association(of which I am on The Board), all baked goods must have an ingredient label on the package, including cookies baked by Grandma.

Please send your summer Itinerary to, subject line should say your last name and Itinerary 2019.

Coming soon: Phone/Text broadcast test, we will send you an email about that! The start-up and/or renewal of Mitch’s Late Night Morning Report, delivered to your INBOX most days’ a camp tradition since way before the word BLOG was invented!


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