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No cells, no computers, no devices, no tv, no e-games!

Imagine that! What will we do? 

Let me help you out…..

WHY IS CAMP SPECIAL? Why is camp unique? Why is it so hard to explain to non- Towanda-ers what it is that makes this place so special?   

Is it the soil? The campus layout? The grounds? The maroon painted bunks?  The circle of Adirondack chairs that make up The Grove?  Is it the sound of bugle calls, American Pie? The Dinner Bell?  The Guinea Hens squawking? The walk to the lake? The White Rock? Ghost? Line-Up? Rain on the roof of the bunk? The cheers in The Mess Hall? Being unplugged with no TV, computer or cell phone for 2 months? The smell of the campfire? The Cool Bus? Limo rides to culinary? The splash pad? Sunset Lake BBQs? The Treehouse? Dancing to classic rock in The Amphitheater? Reveille at 7:15 or was it 8:15? The goats that are really sheep? Knowing what O&A is? The Lego Room? Friday Nite Flix?

Or perhaps is it…The jokes? The songs? Friday Night Dinner? The “Maybe” of Breakout? The special events? The quiet sign? The Other Board? The Dorm? The Club?  Knowing when to yell Zero or do the rim shot? The silliness of Yad Sdrawkcab? Equating pizza to gold? Spitting out a fireball? Breakfast with The Beatles?  

Maybe it could be:

Activities, inter-camp games, the camp play, yelling “You’re Watching Friday Nite Flix!”, making a banana split, breaking a Guinness Record, deciding which is better American or International Kit-Kats? When the bus hits the dirt road?

Some say: It’s the people; the counselors, your groupmates, your friends, your soon to be new friends, your brothers, your sisters, your camp family. The laughter, the “you had to be here” moments, the just being a kid and just being yourself, not being judged, being able to be silly, no pressure, the enjoying the moment.

I say: It’s all of the above and then some! Rest up, Get ready get psyched, get going… to be here for the Summer of 2019, it will be mighty fine!??        

Can’t wait!

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