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We are adding a 2nd GaGa court, a life sized outdoor soccer billiard game, Pickle Ball, New surface on the Girls Basketball court, new games in the White Rock Café, new stage lighting in the amphitheater, a new Mess Hall PA (to really rock out on rainy days), new G-1, a remodeled B-12, a night light for night Ghost, a new foundation for The Mess Hall and The Dorm, a new trail to the farm (for walking and golf carts, lit at night), a new trail from main baseball to the waterfront, we are tripling the amount of solar coils for the pool and adding an outdoor shower, Arts & Crafts has new windows, doors, fans and a rebuilt deck with awning, improvements for rocketry, new ninja challenges at Gymnastics, a very amazing mobile wood burning brick oven for culinary pizzas and other recipes! Chef Daron and crew will be happy with an additional walk-in refrigerator and salad bar additions like – by order of President Jax Blaine – hot ranch dispensers!

Then there is The Jared Factor!

Last year he brought The Junk Yard Band, Quidditch and expanded Lego Lounge!

This year Jared has put together the very messy and challenging Hello Muddah mudder course, the new recycling lab, where we will convert plastic into crafts projects, you’ve heard of Fort Nite? Well, Jared has put together a camp appropriate version called “Two weeks” and the staff will love the research Jared did to be able to offer improved caffeine in the morning! Just for fun, he has added some New Swag in The Camp Store and is creating new strips of Cheese, Milk & Pickle!

All this and more, waiting for your arrival! Shout out to Mike The Plumber, our Head caretaker and his year round crew; they work no matter the weather challenges to get camp ready. We all are very greateful to our Maintenance Department that care for our over 400-acre facility as if it was their own!

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