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Welcome to Camp! 2019

At Camp

Welcome to Camp! 2019

A fun Towanda tradition is to welcome
our 1st year campers in The Towanda Times! For your convenience, we have provided some silly, just-for-fun nicknames that are definitely temporary; at least until you arrive at camp, when you will probably get a new one! 

We are excited and happy to welcome …

Abigail “A-B-A“ & Eliza “Acks” Ackerman, Jason “JB” Blum, Edison “Bome” Bohm, Nikita “Boz” Bozhko, Addison “Brillo” & Zachary “Brillo” Brill, Lily “LB” Brous (brother is Jackson, 2ndGeneration: mom is Rachel Bilgrei) ,Noah “Canny” Cantor, Brooke “BC” Cohen (sister is Hayley, 2ndGeneration: mom is Lauren Balkin), Jaxon “Jax” Cohen (brother is Shane), Julia “JD” Diemar (brother is Jack), Andrew “Gaspy” DeGasperis, Addyson “Wash” & Morgan “Morgs” DuPre (2ndGeneration: mom is Raelynn Schwartsz), Samantha “Eds” Edelson, Sarah “Isle” Eilenberg (brother is Seth), Jac “Fab Jr” Evans (2ndGeneration: mom is Jodi Hodge, dad is Fabrizio Evans), Oliver “Ollie” Friedman, Sydney “Flan” Flanz, Emme “MEG” Gerson (siblings are Sophie & Alex, 2ndGeneration: dad is Jake Gerson), Levi “LG” & Lily “Gersss”  Gerson (2ndGeneration: dad is Danny Gerson), Hadley “OMG” & Hudson “River” Godwin, Teddy “TJ” Jasper, Lily “LJ” Johnston, Claire “Tex” & Emily “Kappy” & Norah “KK” Kabanek (2ndGeneration: mom is Christy Mellen), Charlotte “Kappy” Kaplan, Lee “Kash” Kashi, Gabriel “ON” Kassenoff (brother is Ethan), Jacob “Kess” Kessler, Dmitriy “Demmy” Khoma, Macey “MK” Kisslinger (sister is Grace), Dylan “Kops” Kopelman (sister is Sophia), Scott “Kroney” Kronick (sister is Rebecca), Alberta “Alby” Lignana (brother is Giamoco), Noah “LewBets” Lubetsky (brother is Ben), Jake “Mels” Melniker, Brooks “Mills” Miller (sister is Jules), Crosby “Déjà vu” & Sawyer “Tom” Novick (2ndGeneration: mom is Nicole Mann, dad is Mike Novick), Julia “Ols” Olstein (sister is Haley), Jordan “JP” Perry, Hannah “HP” Plutzer, Olivia “Raffy” Raffel, Addison “Rez” Resnick, Andrew “Riddler” Ridloff, Sadie “Ritts” Rittberg (brother is Sam), Zoe “Doctor” Robbins (2ndGeneration: dad is Matthew Robbins), Mara “Rosey” Rosenstock, Jacob “JR” Ross, Blake “Brr” & Sloane “Ross N” Rossen, Hayden “Hay!” Schultz (sister is Ella), Laighton “Lates” Shamash (brother is Ethan, 2ndGeneration: mom is Erika Fisher), Dylan “Shappy” Shapiro, Jason “Sterling” Silver (sister is Sophia), Hunter “Boots” Somberg (sister is Rory, 2ndGeneration: mom is Jillian Denberg), Vivienne “Vee” Spatz (sister is Chloe, 2ndGeneration: mom is Sarah Spatz),  Jules “Spy” Spiewak (brother is Cole), Naomi “Steins” Steinberg (brother is Rafi), Aerin “Taubs” Tauber (brother is Max), Jaden “Vetts” Vettorino, Bria “Bright” White (sister is Makensie), Danill “Yeffy” & Heorhii “Hi” Yefymov, Alexa “A2” & Taylor “T-Z” Zakin 

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