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Being a part of The Towanda family will stay with you for the rest of your life! We love hearing about #towandameetups! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with everything Towanda! @camptowanda

#Towandameetupat Alex Neff’s Wedding!🎉Jake Neff C03, Mike Haas and Kraz D99, Hannah and Shelly C01, Mike and Alex Allenberg D01, Gabe and Chelsea (Roth) Sirkman D03.

#townadameetupwith former staff at Ákos Ujfalusi and Cara Storch’s wedding in Budapest!!! (They met at camp!) with Janny Hill, Jake Atkinson, Lizzy Partington, Nathan Springer, Adam Walker and Kyle Solomon.

#towandaruninwith Dave King -Former staff member at the Tri-state Camp Conference! He’s now working for#CCUSAhelping recruit our international staff!

Congratulations to Jared and Rachel on their engagement in New York City last weekend surrounded by camp friends and family! #campfriends#camptowanda#engaged#nyc#love#timessquare@lordoflegos

Mitch and Bob met up with Club 1991 in NYC!
L-R: David Lieberman, Craig Cooper, Robert Mandelbaum (Club 1980), Mitchel Ashley (Club 1980), Michael Maze (Club 1981), Andrew Berk, Bob Miller (Club 1966), Rich Nissman, Josh Kahn, Mitch (Club 1972), Keith Curtis, Matt Pinz, Jeff Schulman.#towandameetup

#towandaruninin London! Josh Richard and Matt Dubin!

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