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Towanda Around The World

No matter where you go, there is Towanda!  

From Austraia, New Zealand, China or Spain and everything in between, around, near and far…in all of our travels over the years, on our staff recruiting missions, we have been so fortunate to catch up with alumni and/or traveling campers or current staff.

It is always a special time that underlines the special connection we all feel from being part of the Camp Towanda family!

This year, Stephanie and I were in London and Amsterdam…and our fellow Towanda-er, from over the decades, made their way to meet up with us. Oh, so special….. many traveling hours to say hi!

It is not just limited to me and Stephanie, throughout the year, we hear about and see meetups…and thanks to “off-season” instagram and Facebook, the postings have been consistent!
The Towanda family is strong!!

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