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Casper, Our Camp Dog

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Casper, Our Camp Dog

As much as our camp family knows, the flag was set at half-mast on February 14th when our Camp Dog, Casper, passed away, with our puppy, Yogi, by his side. Casper’s 14 summers at Camp Towanda; on stage, chasing lawn mowers or the zip line, eating baseball gloves, enjoying General Swim with the campers, barking at the Tarzan Swing and sneaking into the Mess Hall during a thunderstorm, coupled with his ability to jump on and off the golf cart limo while maintaining the same speed and helping kids who were afraid of dogs overcome their fear, stand out when thinking of his impact on our camp family. 

Bearing the namesake of the most popular activity at camp, GHOST, Casper was often on the court, barking constantly at the Grand Master’s referee calls or just trying to be a tree. He certainly proved why Rule #K-9 (dog slobber on the ball is just part of the game) had to be imposed (but never on a Tuesday)!

The countless bunk photos he ran through, the walks on the track with Stephanie, keeping an eye on the chickens and his infectious love and appreciation of being with and helping make happy campers will stay with us. His older brother Taxi also passed away at age 14 on Valentine’s Day 12 years earlier. Casper will rest next to Taxi by the bronze sculpture Stephanie created, now known as “The Camp Dog Sculpture” on The Grassy Knoll, just outside The Gazebo.

We have received well over 600 messages from many people who knew Casper. He impacted and touched many lives….and will always be a part of Towanda history.

Click here to enjoy the Casper Tribute Video.

Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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