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Supporting SCOPE

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Supporting SCOPE

SCOPE (Summer  Camp Opportunities Promote  Education)  provides  children  from  under-served communities  with  life  changing  opportunities  through  the  experience  of  summer  camp.  SCOPE funds camp scholarships or  “camperships”  to  send  children  who  commit  to  staying  in  school  to  nonprofit,  resident  camps  which  will  empower  them  to  develop  to  their  full  potential. SCOPE offers camperships to  children  who otherwise  would  not  have  been  able  to afford  a summer  camp  experience.

SCOPE  relies  on  the  support  of  individuals,  businesses,  camps  and  foundations  to  provide  the  gift  of  camp  to  these children.

With  your  support,  SCOPE  helps  give  children  from  low income  families  a  chance  to  attend  camp  and  build  new  dreams  and  brighter  futures  for  themselves  and  their  families.

The Camp Towanda community appreciates what camp has to offer both campers and staff. Mitch just finished his 6-year term as National President of SCOPE and is a Board Member, as well as the emcee for over 10 years at the annual benefit dinner. Jared is currently on the SCOPE Associate Board and of course, we have many campers, staff and alumni involved in SCOPE events and the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council (JLC).

Jared recently hosted a Speakeasy fundraiser for the over 21 crowd in The Lower East Side of Manhattan that raised over $12,000.00. Many of our camp parents ear-marked leftover camper bank funds from the summer to give to SCOPE (with permission) that added up to over $3500.00 which was then matched by Mitch & Stephanie! In addition, many Towanda-ers are involved year round in SCOPE awareness and fundraising; from t-shirt sales, raffles, special events and Mitzvah projects.

The next upcoming SCOPE event will happen at the Florida Beach Party on December 26th…. Campers Aidan Neidoff and Allie Green have joined forces to create this great opportunity:

When we first heard of SCOPE we knew we wanted to get involved. Having attended Camp Towanda for the past seven summers, we now realize how fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to attend such a special place where we have made lasting friendships and special memories that will remain with us for life. That sense of camp being a second home for us motivated us to raise money so that less fortunate children can have the opportunity to experience the same friendships, opportunities and moments that we each had at camp.

Since last summer, we decided to seize an opportunity to further promote SCOPE from the Southeast. At the Florida Beach Party, we will be showcasing the very exciting new Towanda/SCOPE Crazy Creek chair!

We are truly excited to make a difference for many less fortunate children and strongly encourage everyone to become involved in SCOPE in some way.

You can order a special edition CRAZY CREEK CHAIR (that will be waiting for you upon arrival at camp this summer) from THE CAMP SPOT! CLICK HERE!


Don’t forget check out the SCOPE WEBSITE!,Follow SCOPE on Instagram @supportSCOPE or you can even donate HEREand/orText the code “SCOPESE” to 44-321 to donate to SCOPE Southeast

-Aidan Neidoff and Allie Green
Club/Dorm 2018

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