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Mansion Porch – Winter 2018

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Winter 2018

Kit-Kats are everywhere and the debate goes on…American versus International; many Towanda-ers know that Mitch favors the Nestle international version, especially frozen; our campers, staff, parents and alumni gather the many variations of Kit Kats from around the Globe and offer them to us…why, just in recent weeks, Jamie Etkind on her honeymoon sent this photo of all the variations she came across and Sari Berman found a cool travel pack in Aruba! As well as our thanks to the many folks who sent in this Kit Kat article…… Congratulations to Jackie Hopmeyer, see her son, Harry (Club 2033) celebrating camp t-shirt day!…Congrats to Stephanie Reiter and her “Love of Baseball” painting series, selling like hotcakes, Check out the whole series HERE!…Nothing like a great camp BIG SISTER; special shout out to Marley Telchin and Shaye Rosen, check out their pre-camp pix…our very own Jaiden Klein is currently on tour through New Years, cast as “ANNIE WHO” in the “Grinch that Stole Christmas” national tour. She’s super psyched as you can imagine…Angel Vilchez will be continuing his worldwide tour and head back to Madrid this February after over the last 8 years traveling, living and working in Beijing, Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong (with a few Towanda visits and layovers every now and then)…Gareth Dyer has turned us on to a great Family Values game, that encourages everyone to get off their screens and spend more quality time together. Gareth has finagled a 20% discount for Towanda families if they use the code SCREENFREE20 on Amazon at checkout (see pix of game)…Many decades of great Towanda Alumni gathered recently in NYC to reminisce and appreciate their love of Towanda, pictured Standing (Left to right): Murray Stockfeder, Richie Abramowitz, Steven Stockfeder, Hank Azaria, Michael Spiesman, Rob Wexler, Neil Ross, Robbie Moses, Michael Groll, Mark Eichner, Ernie Munick, Seated (left to right): Alan Shmaruk. Michael Maze, Bob Miller, David Seitzman, Robert Mandelbaum, Mitchel Ashley, Mitch Reiter… Congrats to Amanda Ryman on her engagement! Click here to see more Towanda love celebrations!

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