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MTP Report Fall 2018

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MTP Report Fall 2018


Since you guys left, Mike The Plumber, our wonderful Head Caretaker, and his crew have been very busy; in addition to the closing up, leaf cleanup and winterizing projects, there is a lot of great and exciting maintenance projects simultaneously going on for you to look forward when you arrive  next summer!

Of course, there are and will be a lot more NEW stuff that we will tell you about in future issues of The Towanda Times. In the meantime, Check out these projects:


Land Ho!

Wow and wonderful; we are excited, proud and jumping for joy that we can announce that we just bought an additional adjacent 170 acres. This is the land contiguous with the main soccer field and runs behind Yankee Stadium, all the way to our blueberry farm and includes rolling hills, hay fields, barns and streams.  By obtaining ownership of this adjacent farm, we continue border protection of the central campus. From what started at 125 acres is now over 400. Mike the Plumber and his crew now has a lot more lawn to cut!


Mess Hall Project

Major renovation of The Mess Hall is going on as we dig behind and under near Door R-4 through R-5; putting in drainage, retaining wall and stairs. It will no longer be a “mess”!

AND we are installing more fans in the Mess Hall, adding paddle fans to our already huge air handling extractors!


G-1 Project

It looked like someone sneezed! As we contemplated remodeling the bathrooms, the project grew and grew until we decided to “tear it all down” and replace G-1 with a completely 100% brand new structure (similar to B-7)! Don’t you worry, the plaques have been saved and the New G-1 will be ready , come summer time!

The Dorm Project

Not to be forgotten, we have begun a repair and replace on the Grassy Knoll side of The Dorm. New drainage and replacement of some of the original beams will bring a new freshness into The Dorm!


Bathrooms & Windows

G-12 has a brand new remodeled bathroom and B-6 and B-8 get new windows. Each year we re-do several bunk bathrooms/windows and continue to do so; depending on weather and flow of all the other projects, we may add more to this list. The Gully Hockey Arena will finally have its dormers sealed up; although they look nice, they just seem to allow some rain to trickle in; should be no more!


The Domino House

Finally, we are getting to it; or at least we plan on it….the rains of 2018 have certainly challenged the roof replacement of The Domino House; as soon as we get more than 5 days in a row of sunshine, The Domino House will sport a new roof!


Ultra-Fresh Water Fountains

The popularity of the new ultra-cool, triple-filtered, refrigerated and ecologically friendly Canteen Water Fountain has pushed us to install one each on Boys and Girls campus’, near The HC Shacks! Let the bottle refill counter competition begin!


Arts & Crafts Makeover

Refreshing of tables, walls, windows and air circulation can only lead to more creativity!


Tree House Continuous Belay Course

The final finishing touches are now complete as O&A will be all prepared and ready to help you ride this new belay challenge course!


A lot of tree trimming and branch clipping along our trails and paths with our ongoing planting of trees; Jared planted over 15 weeping willows along the bottom of The Grassy Knoll; these guys will help suck up a lot of the water that seems to settle there.


Sand & Clay

Beach Volleyball and the Baseball diamond will be refreshed with new loads of their respective surfaces!


The New U-T-L

Jared, Matt and Thompson have strung very cool outdoor old school style string lights over The Courtyard, creating the feel of an even more special place near the fire pit.





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