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Mansion Porch – Fall 2018

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Fall 2018

Mansion Porch – Fall 2018

Congrats to Adam Shelly, Charlie Niesenbaum, Amanda Lenok, AJ Axelrod, Jake Morgenstern and Jamie Etkind on their upcoming weddings!….and more Congrats to Jimmy Sams (’06, ’07, ’09, ‘10) on her wedding last May which included a mini Waterfront Reunion! (picture, Nicola Roden ’07, Shauna Hall-Coats ’06, ’07, ’09, ’10, Siobhan McCormack ’06, ’07, ’09, ’10 and Emily Russell ’06-’08)…. Jaiden Klein was cast as “ANNIE WHO” in the “Grinch that Stole Christmas” national tour! Break a leg!….Ultimate logo spotting! Alyce Miriam spotted this logo while watching 90 Day Fiance on TLC! Who’s car is that!?…Amanda Ryman & Rachel Heimler in their 2005 Food Water Towanda shirt missing camp!!…Do you follow @Camptowanda on Instagram!? If you don’t, you may have missed this great #towandarunins! A very special evening at Andy Miller’s wedding with seven decades and 40 alumni! #towandaisfamily Andy & Liz, Phyllis & Bob Miller, Matt Miller, Mitch & Stephanie, Jim & Gary metzger, Seth Misshula, Michael, Ali & Mollie Spiesman, Murray Stockfeder, Fred & Jeff Schulman, Donna, Marc, Matthew Shira & Alexa Penziner, Michael Groll, Jenny & Danielle Avedon, Lauren Cohen, Jenn Haber, Jillian and Jessica Horowitz, Amy, Lauren & lili miller, Dave Lieberman, Eric & Richie Bolog, Mitchel Ashley, Josh and Howie Miller, Jake “marbles” Manela, Jeff Shapiro, Rob Wexler …and not pictured: Charlie & Emily Niesenbaum , Adam Shelly, Debra Miller, Dorene Hyman & Michael Schott and Amanda Lenok. (see pic) …… #towandapride @fightblindness taste for sight wine event in NYC! ….Will we see you at the #nyvisionwalk in the spring? #towandameetup with dorm 10 (Jennie Russnow, Melissa Welger, Hayley Trichon) Andrew Merinoff #club06 Alex and Alana Rose, Rachel “I was there for a week this summer” De Rossi, and of course the WOC! (see pic)… 

Dorm and Club 11 Labor Day Weekend in the Hamptons (see pic) … #towandarunin with Jake SR Levy #club11 and Ken Gross who’s last year was 1960!(see pic)… Charlotte Edwards (’17,’18) is currently teaching English in India! What better game to play at the end of class? #bearfishmosquito

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