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Is This Your First Year?

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Is This Your First Year?

Dear First Year Camper,

I am writing this to every new camper. Although we were all new once, 2019 will be my 8th summer. Camp Towanda is such a great experience and I am so excited that you are able to go through the experience I have been having at camp.

Camp Towanda is my second home and it is a very special place I look forward to going to every summer. Camp Towanda has taught me to become more mature and to make long lasting friendships and memories. There is so much to do at camp I would be writing a huge letter telling you all the fun activities. Some of my favorite at camp are basketball, gymnastics, Zumba, ghost (which is a game Mitch made better than anyone else could; kind of like dodge ball, but more fun), and gaga.

As you can see from my preference of activities, I love to play sports! If you are not into sports there are a ton of other activities, such as arts and crafts, which is also one of my favorite activities. Camp Towanda is full of great people that will make you feel so comfortable that it will feel like home

When I started camp, I went not knowing anyone to now knowing everyone!!! I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect, but as soon as I got there everyone came up to me with open arms and there were plenty of other campers in my group that were going through the same experience. Everyone was also extremely friendly and my group did a ton of ice breakers, so I was able to become friends with everyone.

I am now best friends with everyone in my group! Soon enough you will be able to say the same thing as me! Time flies fast especially at CT!

Can’t wait till you get here….as Mitch says, see you SOON in JUNE!


Everyone waiting for you to get here!

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