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Counselor Testimony – Molly


Counselor Testimony – Molly

Mollie Markowitz just completed her 2nd summer as a GG on Boys Camp; she articulates why camp is import and impactful equally for the staff and campers alike.

As the post-camp blues set in and I reflect on this past summer, I can’t help but express my true love for Camp Towanda. When I tell people about my excitement to spend my summers in Honesdale, PA, they have so many questions. But no words can truly describe how amazing Towanda is and how much this camp has done for me.

The people camp bring into my life are beyond amazing. I could talk about this place for days on end (my friends are pretty tired of hearing about it.). Towanda has given me the confidence to be my genuine and complete self and showed me that I am good enough and strong enough for whatever life puts in front of me. Never in my life have I been appreciated and told how amazing I am on the daily. I was constantly reminded by my co-counselors/best friends how much I matter to them. My co-counselors are some of the best people I’ve ever met and it is truly a privilege being able to call them my best friends. I’ve never had so many people be so supportive.

No matter the situation; whether I needed a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh with, there they were. Everybody at Towanda has such a good heart and the positive attitude is contagious. As for my fellow GG’s, the girls who I lived with for 8 weeks straight in our secret place called a yurt, I am the most thankful for all of you. I have never gotten so close to 8 other girls in such a small period of time. Camp gave me 8 new sisters from all over the world and they were the most supportive and down to earth girls I could ever hope for. Some nights we all stayed up talking about our problems, some nights we hyped each other up for the days to come.

This past summer was a summer of building the most amazing friendships with some of the best people from all around the world, and these friendships will last a lifetime.

Thank you Camp Towanda for changing my life and showing me my worth and place in this world. Towanda is my happy place.

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