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Campership Fund

The Camp Towanda Campership Fund, although in its infancy, plans to help alumni and families of Towanda that qualify for support. One can contribute by clicking on the links below. As we get closer to Towanda’s 100th year celebration in 2022, upcoming future fundraising plans will include a special brick patio and the naming of Grove chairs! More details forthcoming! Mitch & Stephanie will match every dollar raised.

For more information and to contribute CLICK HERE!

The following guidelines help qualify a scholarship participant for the Camp Towanda Campership Fund:

    • Camper’s family is unable to otherwise afford sending this child to attend Camp Towanda, as shown by their submission of income and expense information on the Camp Towanda scholarship application.
    • The amount given toward the participation of any scholarship camper shall not exceed the amount of tuition, canteen, transportation, uniform and optional activities, minus the amount the family is able to pay and any amount raised from the participant’s own efforts in fundraising.
    • Camper and family are willing to review this opportunity with the Director in advance of scholarship application.
    • Camper is 7 to 17 years old.
    • Camper is self-motivated and excited to participate under the guidelines of Camp Towanda.
    • Camper expresses curiosity, integrity, intelligence, and willingness to take healthy risks.
    • Camper is flexible and mature.
    • Camper is involved in school and extracurricular activities.
    • Camper has at least a B average.
    • Camper is respectful of others and able to follow the guidelines of positive group dynamics.
    • Camper is able to work with the physical demands of the program.
    • Camper is interested in grasping a broader sense of responsibility and a larger understanding of the physical world, and is interested in acquiring greater self-confidence and know-how; life and leadership skills.
    • Camper is committed to being a positive contributing group member and shows a genuine interest in participating, understanding that his or her commitment means full participation and completion of the program.
  • Camper has a family who supports this child’s attendance at Camp Towanda.

The application process is submitted to the American Camp Association, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, assessing qualifications from personal interviews and conversations with references before the camper is accepted.

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