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Just when we thought we had reached the heights in 2017, this summer taught us that the sky really is the limit…
As always, we aimed to achieve enjoying our sports with our values and ethics. The way it should be. Where we tell our children that win or lose we love them the same – I personally give them that line every time they board a bus for an away tournament or whenever they take the field/court at home. My coaches and I let them know that we strive for all our campers who want to play to get the best possible experience. That we are there to nurture them the best we can and to push them in the best possible climate, knowing that accomplishment fuels self esteem. And that sports are there to be enjoyed and played in a healthy environment, also knowing that good sportsmanship triggers many good things.
That said, the victories came. We all functioned as a unit both on and off the field, and we were amazed how much fun, enjoyment, quality play and winning occurred.
Basketball, as always, had many top moments – from the Club/LIT boys winning at the Tyler Hill invitational with a buzzer beater with our entire hosts’ campers looking on (and falling silent thereafter!), to the Tweens and Junior girls dominating their Wayne County Tournaments. Not to mention our Inter girls who, despite losing early on in Wayne County play, they continued their season by enjoying a lot of play on the road, culminating in an exciting victory at Chen-a-Wanda.
Soccer once again stamped its dominance, with our boys playing attacking, free flowing soccer – influenced by the World Cup – and the Senior boys winning their final at Chestnut Lake 3-2 (their first ever championship) in overtime with last minute goals to tie it up in regulation and win it before the shootout. This is where our Inter boys fell short, on Alumni day as a pulsating 3-3 game against 2-time defending champs Tyler Hill culminated in a heartbreaking 5-4 shootout loss. The response: we are stronger for the experience, and will be back!!
Where boys soccer had attacking flair, girls soccer had very strong defense. With this weapon, EVERY girls team reached a Wayne County final. The Dillies scored at will everywhere they played, and the seniors won the regional title after winning at Chen-a-Wanda 2-0, scoring 27 goals in 4 games, conceding 1, their first in 3 years!! It has been an absolute pleasure coaching these girls.
Baseball saw history being created, as the National Boys won their first ever Wayne County games in their time at Towanda, and showed that effective fielding underlines that saying borrowed from basketball about offense winning games and defense winning championships.
Two softball titles were achieved (see results below) with last minute RBIs, with 2 outs at the bottom of the last inning in both cases. The noise coming from the softball field filled the atmosphere with positive vibes.
Speaking of last-ditch victories, lacrosse witnessed a couple, where goals went in with seconds to go. Both those boys teams (inters and nats/seniors) experienced lacrosse finals for the first time, and held their nerve when pushed hard by Tyler Hill and Indian Head respectively.
On that note, the Inter boys continued their habit of winning  different sport each year (soccer as cadets, flag football as middies, baseball as juniors and now lacrosse). What next??
The dillies, national and senior girls are overall very strong in many sports, but the latter excelled in flag football/powder puff, winning the Towanda Tournament convincingly on July 18th. They have their own style as they like to use their wide receivers a lot. We have plans for them in 2019!!
It was a pleasure to enjoy two volleyball championships too, with some strong serving as well as a lot of Tennis success, including our first ever team tennis championship along with the Club/Dorm mixed doubles title.
Hockey was again enjoyed by all who participated, both street hockey and roller hockey, with the cadets and middies representing us well. We are looking to get more girls interested in hockey in the future too.
Our jets and debs had two very enjoyable play dates each as they prepare for the future where they will be playing many intercamps from next year onwards (intercamp tournaments officially start with campers entering 4th grade). It was so nice to see our bus drivers taking these campers to their games, expressing the fact that these are by far the cutest sports teams they had ever driven!!
Last but not least, the junior boys followed up their soccer success from last year with a convincing basketball victory this year at home in the Towanda Tournament on July 6th. This was a 6-team tournament, and we participated with 2 teams to accommodate all of our kids who wanted to play (this is something we do often). The championship game here was…
Towanda v Towanda, and Towanda won!!!
So, there you have it, 21 Wayne County Championships (including one regional), 8 Wayne County Runners up teams and 12 invitational triumphs. In an environment where teamwork accelerates resolution, we have once again achieved our overall result, in creating memories in great games, in learning a lot and in having much fun while cultivating friendships and trying to provide top quality instruction and coaching.
Seems the sky really is the limit….bring on 2019…!!
Wishing all our campers, families and staff a happy, healthy and successful winter, this is Coach Lee with Towanda Sports Center (dadada, dadada) signing off!!

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