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Towanda Playhouse 2018

It’s hard to believe that the summer has come to an end; it seemed to fly by! We’ve had another successful season in the Towanda Playhouse. We had a strong team who were full of ideas and energy that was evident in all our productions.

We surprise ourselves at how well the shows come together in such a shirt time! The campers commitment and enthusiasm is what makes it all happen. The comic timing in Shrek was on point! The drama staff were so proud watching Upper Camp come together and encourage each other. The great round of applause from Lower Camp said it all! It was great to see so many campers participating! Amazing!

Lower Camp’s production of The Little Mermaid was priceless. We had slightly more time to work on costumes, which was good because we had over 80 campers involved in Under the Sea! It was such a sweet moment watching the delight on their faces as they gave it their all! There is nothing quite like watching our younger campers take to the stage and put on a great performance.

Our Staff presentation of Jack & The Beanstalk was hysterical. With rehearsal time very limited, and a long rehearsal break for Olympics, the counselors gave their all and it was very fun!

Our talent shows were great! We really do have a lot of talented campers and counselors here at Towanda. Congrats to all those who got on stage and we look forward to future performances, both new and returning!

Thank you for the memories. Any ideas for next year!? We are already thinking ahead!

Yours in theater,
Drama Charlene and the Drama team of 2018

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