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The O&A Farm

by Alice Tropp (Tweens 2018)

During O&A, the chickens were very excited. There were a group of Tweens trying to pick them up. I, myself, was very successful with picking up a chicken. Some of the chickens don’t seem to be so smart. One of them kept cornering itself and was very easy to pick up. Another chicken kept flying into a bucket. Her name is Bucket Chicken. There is also another chicken who is the same color as a chicken nugget so her name is Chicken Nugget. We like having the chickens around. They are very cool. There are also some ugly chickens. They are called ginny hens.

At the O&A farm there are also some sheep. Their names are Shawn & White. They are very friendly but sometimes try to wander around camp. Thankfully Jared and the LITs are around to catch them and bring them home!

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