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T-Rex & Godzilla

At Camp

T-Rex & Godzilla

by Cole Labbie & Sam Freedman (Jets 2018)

Two creatures have been seen around camp these past few weeks. The first of the two creatures that has been spotted is a T-Rex. The T-Rex has been loved by the campers and staff. He has been seen playing tennis, jumping in the foam pit and wandering all around campus including in the Fieldhouse where he spotted the T-Rex head on the wall. The second creature is Godzilla! He is more scary. The campers and staff don’t like him as much. He has been spotted stealing pizza, scaring campers and he was chased by security. There seems to be trouble brewing between them. Warning! If these creatures are spotted in the same place they might fight! Be sure to warn the Cadets if you see Godzilla! Keep watching Friday Nite Flix to find out what will happen next!

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