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Girls’ Sing

by Ellie Gottheimer (Dillies 2018)

It’s the Tuesday we’ve all been waiting for…Girls Sing! Debs & Dillies will Declare Independence. The Tweens & Juniors have friends in their Toy Story. Inters and Nationals are going to take the stage in their House of Rock and the Seniors are super chill as they Hit the Slopes. And the Dorm? Who know!? We are glad the boys will be there to cheer us on. We have been working so hard and can’t wait!

Editors Update:

Girls Sing was an amazing night. All of camp is so proud of the effort put into their scenery, words and attitude. The Dorm blew the whole camp away with their Touchdowm Dorm reveal. Boys Camp did a great job supporting the girls with their enthusiastic cheering, great signs and their respect during the performances. We also want to shout out the LIT girls for their great intros! Congrats to the Dorm on winning Girls Sing 2018!

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