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Vision Walk 2018

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Vision Walk 2018

by Dominic Guzzardi (Club 2018)

This year’s Visionwalk was an unforgettable experience. I was able to spend a beautiful Saturday morning in the greatest city on Earth, New York City, with a few of my camp brothers, sisters, and other Towanda family members. We had walked around Central Park for about two miles and each step was better than the last. The people around us all seemed to be having such a good time and it was good to contribute with laughs and smiles and yes even the embarrassment of having a bird poop on you… Jared.

Being around my Club brothers and Dorm sisters was such an enjoyable environment to be apart of. It was nice to be able to get in a pre-camp mode and realize that camp is sooner than we all think. The summer that we’ve waited our entire camp careers was right under our noses and on behalf of the other members of Team Towanda that were present, I’d like to acknowledge the importance of making every second count and to enjoy it to its fullest potential. The vision walk was an amazing experience to be apart of and I highly recommend to everyone else who enjoys a good time.

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