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Welcome to Camp! 2018

At Camp

Welcome to Camp! 2018

A fun Towanda tradition is to welcome
our 1st year campers in The Towanda Times! 
For your convenience, we have provided some silly, just-for-fun nicknames that are definitely temporary; at least until you arrive at camp, when you will probably get a new one!  Since our last update, we are excited and happy to welcome …


Alexander “AA” Abramson (sister of Sydney), Abby “ALTS” Altschul, Taryn “Bander” Bander, Parker “Bow” Bauman (brother of Spencer), Andi “A-B” Bendett (2nd Generation: Dad, Blake), Jax “Jax” Blaine (sister of Owen and Peyton), Charles “See-B” Blau, Sadie “Blum” Blumhof (sister of Emily), Eliana “Bot” & Isla “Issy” Botnick, Jackson “JB” Brous (2nd Generation: Mom, Rachel Bilgrei), Olivia “Chro” Chroman (sister of Haley), Brett “BC” & Charlotte “CC” Cohen, Lily “Core” Corcia (2nd Generation: Mom is Rachel Satovsky, brothers  are Adam & Noah), Samantha “Sami-D” Dalin (sister is Alyssa), Olivia “Oh” Darche (sister is Emma), Jordan “Jo-L” Elias, Nacho “Nacho” Esteve, Pablo “Pabs” Estreder Tolosa, Luke “Freds” & Molly “Molls” Fredman, Mason “Birkin” Friedman (2nd Generation: Mom is Kaite Birken), Dylan “DG” Gang (sister is Shea), Jolene “Jo-Gel” Gelade (sister is Sydney), Trey “3” Gelman (siblings are Maxwell & Jesse), Cooper “Coop” Glazer (2nd Generation: Grandma is Clare Finkel, brother is Tye), Brett “Gold” Goldstein (sister is Hallie), Ellie “Gott” Gottheimer, Sydney “G-Bow” Grabow, Talia “Grill” Grill, Ryan “Haze” Hays, Jaime “Her” Herrera, Jonah “J-K” Klein, Sophia “Kops” Kopelman, Anisiia “Sky” Kotovskyi, Polina “K-Chok” Kovalchuk, Rebecca “Nick” Kronick, Jack “JKD” Kurti-Dini, Jared “Leader” Leder (brother is Noah), Elia “Lets” Leto, Abby “Lewy” Lewis, Sophie “LAW” Livingston (cousin of  Remi Tetefsky), Cooper “Baum” Mandell (2nd Generation: Dad is Robert Mandelbaum), Olivia “Oh-Man” Mandy (2nd Generation: Mom is Jessica Ehrlich), Avi “AM” Mankoff, Madelyn “M2” Mann, Colby “Co-M” Martin (brother is Spencer), Ethan “ET” Morowitz, Camryn “Cam” Perry (brother is Ben), Andrew “Rosey” Rosenberg, Hayden “HR” & Maya “MR” Ross (2nd Generation: Mom is Tracy Epstein, sister is Shoshana), Joey “Sash” Sash, Fienix “AZ” Schwartz (2nd Generation: Mom is Beth Manspiezer, sister is Dylan), Samantha “SS” & Zachary “Zee” Selig , Kate “Tops” Serphos (brother is Brayden), Blake “Ses” Seskin, Chase “Smull” Smullian (2nd Generation: Mom is Jenn Reid, brother is Jaren), Rory “S-Berg” Somberg (2nd Generation: Mom is Jillian Denberg), Avery “A-V” Stein, Ariel “Berg” Steinberg, Madison “Tesk” Tesker, Drew “D-T” Tetefsky (sister is Remi), Charlie “CT”  & Jane “JT” Tropp (sister is Alice), Masha “Vilch” Vilchynskyi, Zoe “Wex” Wechsler (sister is Abbie), Max “Drums” Weinberger (2nd Generation: Mom is Jamie Levine), Alexander “AX” Weissman (2nd Generation: Amy Schwartzwald, brother is Zachary), Makensie “Mak” White, and from A to Z it’s Ava “A2Z” Zindel  !!!!

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