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Dramatic Updates

Hey, fellow Towanda-ers!

We are almost at the halfway point between summers ‘17 and ‘18. As I look back on what we all achieved on and off stage, along with all the amazing memories we made along the way, I find myself wondering what  this coming summer has in store and wish it was here already.

We have been putting our thinking caps on and debating over which shows we should perform on the Towanda Playhouse stage and we have reached a conclusion! (cue drumroll for dramatic effect!)…………

Following popular demand, Upper Camp will now be be performing Shrek the Musical, the smash hit show based on the beloved animation film. We decided to go with a more modern and colorful production that turns the world of fairy tales upside down. This musical comedy is hilarious with lots of parts and an original musical score.

Lower Camp will be taking us on a magical journey under the sea as they perform the much loved musical The Little Mermaid. Certainly one of my Disney favourites, with songs such as ‘Kiss the Girl’, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Part of your World’. If you haven’t already seen this delightful classic then you should try and watch it! If fact even if you have seen it, watch it again and sing along. I know I’ll probably have all the songs swimming around in my head for the next six months.

Coinciding with our musicals, we will also have various talent shows throughout the summer, so be sure to get your acts ready. If any campers out there like to tell jokes, then get them prepared, as we may pull you out of the audience during an evening activity to entertain us with one or two.

Finally, we are also planning a Staff Revue where each country that is represented at camp will have the opportunity to display something from their culture on the stage, like a dance or song, or anything that our campers and staff will find fun. Camp is a perfect place for cultural exchange and everyone has friends from around the globe – we are all enriched in many ways by this. We must mention that the opening act will be performed by campers and the country will be…..the good ole U S of A!  And the finale will be all the nations coming together. Camaraderie at its best!!   

The drama team really can’t wait to get back to the Playhouse and see you all and if it’s your first year at Towanda, we are really looking forward to meeting you. Won’t be long till showtime (yes, I did just do  Jazz hands…can’t help it).

Coach Lee and little coach say a big ‘hi’ to you all and we can’t wait to return to our Summer home!

Happy Holidays everyone.

Yours in Theater,
Drama Charlene

“The most exciting acting tends to happen in roles you never thought you could play”
John Lithgow.

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