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Group Scoop Recap – Sydney Rowan

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Group Scoop Recap – Sydney Rowan

Each year the Dorm & Club of the upcoming summer join the Towanda staff in welcoming new campers at Group Scoop. Here is a recap from Sydney Rowan, Dorm 2018,
who also attended Group Scoop many years ago before her first summer as a Deb!
A special thanks to all those Dorm & Club 2018 who were able to attend!

Tummies full of ice cream wasn’t the only thing new campers went home with on a cold January morning, they also brought home new friendships that will strengthen going into the summer of 2018.

The New Camper Group Scoop was a time for campers and their parents to learn more about their first summer at camp and what it’s like to be a part of this amazing summer family. After the new campers met with their buddies, Dorm and Club members, Mitch sat everyone down for a presentation where he discussed the basics of camp. From banana splits to free play to the game of ghost, the look of awe on the future campers’ faces was priceless! Then the Dorm and Club led everyone in a giant Bear Fish Mosquito tournament. After we crowned a winner, Bob, Matt Miller, Jared, and other Senior Staff scooped ice cream as we continued to get more of “the SCOOP” about camp from Mitch.

It seems like not that long ago that I was in that same position. When I attended the Group Scoop as a Deb, I remember meeting some of the girls I am happy to call my best friends today, along with the Dorm Girls of 2011, who had warmly welcomed me. But now, 8 years later, I stood along with the rest of the Dorm and Club of 2018, greeting all of the new Jets, Debs, Cadets, Dillies, Middies, and Tweens attending camp this summer.

Group Scoop has given us a sneak peak of the fantastic 2018 summer. I can reflect on our beginnings as younger campers and see how we have developed into role models as Dorm Girls and Club Boys. This leadership experience and friendships will last well beyond our time at camp. The New Camper Group Scoop has continued the tradition of kindling new friendships that makes Camp Towanda so special.

Sydney Rowan


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