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Amanda’s Reunion Recap

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Amanda’s Reunion Recap

Check out this recap of the Lucky Strike Reunion by Amanda Forman, Dillies 2018!

The Towanda reunion is where Towanda kids and also Towanda adults come to the Palisades Mall. When you came thru the doors, the Senior Staff welcomed you to the reunion!

After going to the table to check your name, you got a green “trip day” Towanda bracelet (unless you still had yours on from the summer!) After you were done with that, you could wait for your friends to come, but also you could go to the big bowling alley for some bowling fun! You could bowl for the whole entire time, but there were so many more things that were there! There was an arcade that is super fun with ping pong, hockey and much more! My favorite is the photo booth because you get to take awesome pictures with your amazing Camp Towanda friends and decorate your photos. At lunchtime, we ate pizza and watched FNF highlights from the summer. After the reunion was all done, we had to say goodbye to our camp friends or you could hang out with them in the mall! Wait! I forgot something…before we left, we got super awesome goodie bags – this year there was a very cool S’well Water Bottle that says “Camp is S’well – Camp Towanda”, a copy of the Friday Nite Flix highlights, a school notebook, notepads and a pen!

Seeing your camp friends is really fun because you get to hang out with them, laugh with them, and play fun games with them.  Even though you don’t get to see them often, they are like your sisters and brothers—because even if you aren’t with them all the time, they are still your Camp Towanda family!

I can’t wait to go to all the reunions. Next up is the Florida Beach party. It’s fun in the sun! See you there!

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