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Who’s Who in the Winter Office Crew (W.O.C.)

Our year round Winter Office Crew (affectionately known as “The W.O.C”) has officially relocated from camp to the winter officein Demarest, NJ, in full preparation mode for next summer! Since you will be working with, speaking to and calling upon The W.O.C. in the off-season, we want to refresh you on Who’s Who.  In addition to Mitch and Stephanie,


Who you gonna call…

…with a camper-related question?

Lauren Eckstein Forman (former camper, counselor, and Olympics general)  – Parent Liaison and Communications Director
Lauren works with our winter team full-time. In addition to her Social Media, Website and Blog duties, Lauren is also the Parent Liaison for enrolled families and Supervisor of the W.O.C.. Lauren keeps us all on our toes, social media savvy and the best in our field, while communicating and appropriately getting the word of Towanda out there. 15 years at camp.

Amberly Vazquez – Executive Assistant
Amberly is the first friendly voice you hear when you call Camp Towanda. She is a former counselor, Group Leader and Olympic General (Sense a theme here? We hire great staff from within!). Her experience and resourcefulness will help get you answers to any questions you may have. 5 years at camp.

… with a new family/tour-related question?

Shari Crone – Tour Director
Shari works from our remote office in Florida, welcoming new families to Camp Towanda and making plans with them to visit this summer. With the insight of a concerned parent and the experience of being on our Senior Staff, Shari’s spirit, knowledge of camp, approachability and stamina makes her a great New Families Liaison. 5 years at camp.

…with a financial/billing question?

Jonathan Penner (aka. Penner) – Finance Manager.
Penner is a former counselor, Group Leader and Olympic General. These days, he handles our bookkeeping, contracts and payments. He also is quick to jump on the lawn tractor or power up the leaf vacuum. 8 Years at camp.

…when you have a staff related question?

Mark “Z” Zides (You’ve probably heard of the great and mighty “Z” already) – Operations Director
Known as the guru of the camping industry, Z has been part of Towanda for 22 years, taking care of all the backroom logistics (baggage, transportation, laundry, kitchen, etc). Essentially, we have no problems… we have Z!

Jared Reiter (born and raised at camp) – Hospitality & Safety Manager
Jared is our resident Lego Master and jack of all trades! He works closely with the returning staff and alumni staff that help make our camp family so strong. Jared is also the camp’s Certified Safety Director, Certified SafeServe Food Manager and has his Master’s in Camp Administration. He shows around new families on Tours and keeps our Towanda Traditions alive. He is certainly not afraid to get down and dirty; helping with many of the onsite projects at camp. 29 years at camp.

Matt Miller (of the 4th generation Towanda Millers) – Operations Manager
Matt works closely with Z in our laundry, kitchen, transportation, and baggage departments. In addition, Matt assists by fine-tuning special events for the summer program and takes the lead in our Staff Recruiting, Orientation and ACA Standards Accreditation process. 26 years at camp.

…when you have a media-related question?

Erica Gulliver (aka Erica Media) – Head of Media
You all know Erica well during the summer, as she is in charge of our Media Team, capturing all the photos and creating memorable
Friday Nite Flix. She works with us in the off-season on the Towanda Times, event promotion, graphic design and new videos. 12 years at camp.

Who to call when you have a leaky faucet?

Mike “The Plumber” Notarangelo (Everyone knows him as Mike The Plumber) – Head Caretaker
MTP lives and loves every blade of grass on camp. It is his home year-round and he takes great pride in the maintenance, care and new projects and works closely with the W.O.C. team and Mitch. 9 Years at camp.


This team above works very closely together to get things done and support our camp families (no matter their title)! We hope you will agree this is an awesome crew and they are standing by to help YOU and camp be great in 20-1-8!

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