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Since You’ve Been Gone


Since You’ve Been Gone

Although many of you have not been at camp since August 11th, there has been a lot going on! After you left, many staff stayed one more day to help tidy up, sort through tons of “leftover” debris and ship baggage. Then a crew of about 20 spent the next week doing the intense cleaning…there was quite a bit!

We hosted several groups, picnics and parties as well as the weather challenged Labor Day Family Weekend (despite the strange weather system, it was still a lot of incredible Towanda fun for the whole family!).

We closed out our 2017 “on-camp” events with the Fall Foliage BBQ…this was a warm weather fun day of kickball and lunch at the Sunset Lake Grill! Some of the 2018 Dorm and Club hosted many soon to be 1st year campers; the spirit was high, the smiles were wide and it felt great to kick off the soon to be Summer Twenty-One-Eight!

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