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Live Streaming!

A recap of 2017…

From the moment the busses rolled onto the shores of Camp Towanda, the summer of 2017 was going to be the Best You Have Ever Seen! And it was!

The spirit, the involvement, the passion, the camaraderie, the laughs, the smiles, the games, the sports, the shows, the jokes, the food, the smoothies (That’s food), the inter-camp games, the shout-outs and the calls to the flagpole, the goats, chickens and sheep!

From Stephanie’s Garden to The Splashpad to The Treehouse and Culinary, From The WHOA! to B-7  To Abbey Road, The Gully, 12th Avenue and everywhere in between. The Summer of 2017 WAS the Best we have ever SEEN!

Guinness Record, Water Carnival, Campa-palooza, July 3rd fireworks set-to Tchaikovsky, classic rock, Breakfast With The Beatles, BBQ To The Dead and amazing stage productions, campfires, songs and spirit!

The 95th summer of 2017, was the best we had ever SEEN (and if you will be new in 2018, just get very psyched up to help us do it better, because it’s gonna be great in 20-1-8)!

You know you are a part of something special when you know what Olde Ghost Point is or why someone is often at Turtle Rock! You know you are part of the CT family when you can fill in the missing words: ‘Don’t forget your ________” or Bye, Bye, Miss _________   ___ or that you cover your ears when walking pass the dinner bell!

If someone asks you how do you feel, there is only one answer at Towanda; (Like a Ghost) or you know what to chant after “NEXT”!

Or perhaps at a Sunset Lake Group BBQ, you skimmed rocks and made some s’mores….

All of that unplugged! Face to face communication in fact, the only LIVE STREAMING* we do at camp, is to walk down to the far left of the fishing dock and watch the stream live!

That’s a good one and so was this past summer! Can’t wait to do it all over again, just a little better!

See you soon,





*except during Olympics when we had over 60K people worldwide tuning in for Ropeburning and Olympic Sing.
For more on that…click here!

Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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