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Kit Kat Kraze

After a multi-year hiatus, The Great Kit-Kat taste test returned to Towanda. This summer, the entire camp sampled the American Hersey Kit-Kat against the Canadian Nestle version. As Mitch (also known as “The Kit-Kat King” when he is not the “Ghost Grandmaster”) predicted, the Canadian (or most likely any international rendition of the KK) won!

Many agree to the claim that “It just tastes better!”  

Meanwhile, Ali MEDIUM SPIZ shared this crazy Kit-Kat Link!

While Bella Messer’s aunt and uncle discovered Japan offers these flavors: Mint, Sake,Almond- Cranberry,Raspberry, Lemon/Lime/Orange, Vanilla, Melon, Strawberry and green tea.

Enjoy Halloween and look forward to next summer’s upgraded “FROZEN” KIT-KAT CHALLENGE and the return of the KIT-KAT LAUNCHER!!!

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Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 30 Years.

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