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Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – 2017

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Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – 2017

Its October! (the second Big “O”!) That means the 2017 Camp Towanda Pumpkin Carving Contest is underway! Do you have the A&C skills to out carve 4x Pumpkin Master Champion, Kyle Maynes? Post a pic of your camp themed #CTPumpkin on instagram/facebook, tag @camptowanda and #CTpumpkin and email a picture of your design by 11:59pm on Oct. 31st, for your chance to win a Towanda Pumpkin Logo Award and your name on the pumpkin plaque in The Canteen! It’s a great after school activity and perfect for some good ol’ family carvin’ n’ bondin’! Plus you can also roast the pumpkin seeds for a delicious healthy snack! Check out these pumpkin recipes recommended by our very own Culinary Chef Lee!

Good Luck!  

P.S. Still searching for a costume?? Show your #TowandaPride this halloween with a Camp themed costume! Some ideas to spark your imagination could be Bob and Amy, past olympic breakouts, Casper etc!  

Kyle Maynes, 2016

Ryan “Candy” Korn 2016

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